Divorce Law

Effects of Divorce, The Divorce Process, Divorce Decrees, Property Distribution, Types of Divorce More ...

Child Custody

General Child Custody Information, Child Custody Case Procedure, Fathers' Rights and Child Custody, Changing a Child Custody Order, Child Custody Determinations More ...

Child Support

General Child Support Questions, Child Support Calculation, Failure to Pay Child Support, Modification of Child Support, Obtaining Child Support More ...

Spousal Support

General Spousal Support Questions, Spousal Support Calculation, Modifications More ...

Marriage Law

General Marriage Information, Marriage Law Information by State, Pre Marital Agreements More ...

Adoption Law

General Questions, Adoption Process, Consent, International, Rescinding More ...

Domestic Violence

Family & Partner abuse, Orders of Protection, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence and trafficking. More ...

Name Change

Steps to legally change surname More ...


Child Custody

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Adoption Law

Adoption law is very important to children that are looking for a family to take care of them.

Welcome to LegalAdvice.com expert page on the topic of Family Law. This topic will include information abut adoption, child custody, child support, divorce, domestic violence, marriage, spousal support and more.

Family Law 101

Family law includes a variety of topics.

Divorce Law

It is critical that a person speak to a qualified divorce lawyer when a marriage ends.

Child Custody

The importance of speaking with a qualified family lawyer that is familiar with child custody issues cannot be understated.